I’m sure that I have said this before, but some people were asking so I guess I will have to repeat myself, I do not occur naturally. That means you won’t be finding me or any other curium atoms popping up in nature, we are too special for that sort of thing.


I also happen to be a very useful element, in case you were wondering. My maim job is to fuel Radioisotope Thermal Generators (we in the know atoms call it RTG for short) on board satellites, deep space probes, planetary surface rovers and in heart pacemakers. Are you impressed yet? I also work part time as an […]

Common Isotopes

This is a handy little chart I found of all of my most common isotopes, enjoy! Main article: Isotopes of curium iso NA half-life DM DE (MeV) DP 242Cm syn 160 days SF – – α 6.1 238Pu 243Cm syn 29.1 y α 6.169 239Pu ε 0.009 243Am SF – – 244Cm syn 18.1 y SF – – […]

My Story Starts…

… one quiet day at Berkeley University in 1944. My good friends Glenn T. Seaborg, Ralph A. James, and Albert Ghiorso were the first ones to notice me, I like to think that it gave us a special bond. That was when I was discovered, but I was first chemically identified at the Metallurgical Laboratory […]

Fun Facts

How about some fun facts, so that we can get to know each other better? Hmm lets see, well like I said my full name is Daphne and I am a Curium atom, but everyone calls it Cm for short. I’m so lucky that I don’t have one of those weird abbreviations that no one […]

Hi There

My name is Daphne, and I am a Curium atom. Thats an element, by the way. You may not have heard of me because I’m not as flashy as gold or silver (but boy are they a bore to talk to at a dinner party!) or as practical as aluminum. But trust me, I’m super […]